Saturday, March 9, 2013

The weirdest thing about Germany...

"It's the little differences. I mean they got the same shit over there that they got here, but it's just, just there it's a little different" - Vincent Vega

I've decided that the weirdest thing about Germany is that they get so much of their media and culture from America. As a kid I always imagined that other countries and languages just had mostly their own music, movies etc. but it seems like in Germany this is not the case. You go into a bar and you hear American rock music and it's just totally normal. In America if you went to a regular coffee shop and they were playing Rammstein or Die Aerzte people would definitely be very confused and maybe even annoyed. It might be because Germans downplay their nationalism so much, but it always catches me off guard.

Unfortunately it's because of all the similarities that the "little differences" catch you off guard all the time. Most things are the same, so you get really confused when they aren't. The recycling, for example, is always divided up by the type of material it is. They are VERY intense about it, and I really don't understand the system at all. Usually I just awkwardly stand nearby and wait for someone else to put something in the trash like the socially awesome person I am.

In other news, I'm considering perhaps putting a sign around my neck that says: "Langsam, bitte!" (Slowly, please) because while I've become quite adept at nodding and smiling convincingly, 50% of the time I have no idea what people are saying.

Bis Bald!

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